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Green (Red)

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Started out as a project to see if random observations could be made to work as lyrical ideas; it worked, to a point. Pretty much every line in this song corresponds with something observed by either Jonathan or Jeff over the course of a week in early 2007.


Green hat, red hat, glass of wine;
Statues, paintings, the perfect crime.
Napkins, papers on the table there;
Light in the door, shadow on the stair.
Men come, men go, music halls.
Shocking writing on the wall.

Wind in the trees overhangs the street
Cracks in the sidewalk, between my feet.
Girls in white dance a different beat,
Making mistakes we all repeat.
< repeat ad nauseam>

Red chairs, green chairs, take a shot.
Lemons line this table top.
Blackboard, white board, sleepy eyes:
Social contract, truth and lies.
Red head, green head, glass of beer;
Wonder what I'm doing here.


from Exhibit A, released September 14, 2007
Written by Jonathan Bright & Jeff Hume
Piano & Vocals: Jonathan Bright
Guitar & Vocals: Jeff Hume




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